*** Important *** ALUMNI MANAGER ELECTION RESULTS (2015) (posted on 26 April 2015)

*** Important *** ALUMNI MANAGER ELECTION RESULTS (2015) (posted on 26 April 2015)

ALUMNI MANAGER ELECTION RESULTS (posted on 26 April 2015).

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(updated on 26 April 2015)

Josephian Appointed one of 10 Senior Counsels
Mr. David Leung Cheuk Yin, class of 83, has now been appointed as Senior Counsel.

The Judiciary has announced the appointment of 10 new Senior Counsels (SC) on 31 March 2015. Mr Leung, aged 48, obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Hong Kong. He was admitted to the Hong Kong Bar in 1998. He is Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions at the Department of Justice.
Condolences to Mr. James Wu, his family and his students (updated on 3 Feb 2015)
Condolences to Dr. CS Lam passing, his family
Josephian Appointed HK hospital chief

New: Congratulations to Prof. John Leong on his recent appointment as the Chairman of the Hospital Authority. Prof. John Leong Chi-yan, who attended SJC from 1951 and left after U6 in 1960, is the younger brother of SJC Foundation Trustee Dr. Edward Leong Chi Hung. Prof. John Leong is a clinician-scientist in spinal and paediatric orthopaedics and has held numerous positions in public hospitals and universities, the most recent being Open University president. In his first media interview, the veteran surgeon wasted no time in diagnosing the weaknesses of the 20-year-old bureaucracy. We wish him all the best with his new challenges at this crucial time when the Hospital Authority is up for an overhaul, especially when the burning issues such as hospital bed shortages and long waiting queues caused by insufficient medical staffing have become a matter of public concern.

OBA Senior Legal Counsel elected the new Chairman of the HK Bar Association

Congratulations to Paul Shieh SC (Class of '82) who will take the helm of the 1,000-member professional body after being elected as the new leader of the Bar Association. Cambridge graduate Paul was called to the bar in 1988 and became senior counsel in 2003. His predecessor, Josephian Kumar Ramanathan, was a graduate from the class of 1972.

Alumni Manager Election - Announcement

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*** New *** 140th Anniversary Grand Gala Dinner (updated on 6 May 2015)

November 14, 2015 (Saturday) at The Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Tables going fast. Please send in your reservation requests to: 140galadinner@sjc.edu.hk Act fast to avoid disappointment. Price and details already finalised. Please click for details. (Posted on 14 April 2015) (Updated on 6 May 2015)

Link: https://www.sjcoba.org/publish/eventsdetails.asp?eveId=450

School Rally DVD (140th Anniversary of St. Joseph’s College)

To celebrate this big occasion of all Josephians, the Old Boys' Association (OBA) of SJC, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of SJC and the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of SJPS are joining hands to work on a revival of our School Rally. It is our great honour to have some of our prominent old boys, namely Chiu Tsang Hei, to play a leading role in the production of this remake School Rally DVD. Each DVD is HK$300.00. Contact: Dr. Louis POON (louisplm@gmail.com)

*** New *** A 35th Reunion Dinner Gathering for Class of 1980

A 35th Reunion Dinner Gathering for Class of 1980 will be held at the SJC Old Hall on 27 June 2015, Saturday.  

Please email Alex Hung at alexhungkc@yahoo.com, or Kenneth Kung at kkung@tungfathk.com.  


*** New *** SJCOBA Mentorship Program 2015
The two sessions of the programme for this year will be:
Session 1: 27 July – 31 July 2015 and
Session 2: 17 August --21 August 2015

Please take a minute to fill in the Mentor volunteer form attached and return by email to both lplc@epd.gov.hk and spandauballet68@yahoo.com.hk by Sunday 31 May 2015 for action.

David Lam and Louis Chan (1 May 2015)
*** NEW *** 4th SJCOBA Global Economic Forum 2015 | May. 16, 2015 (Sat.) @ The SJC Ne

"The 4th edition will also mark our celebration of SJC's 140th anniversary with a splendid line up of speakers in the cards. Kicking off at 3 pm at the New Hall featuring several panels, we will round off the event with a wine reception at around 6 pm. Stay tuned for more details regarding the agenda."

Shanghai Style Jackets (with a statement on the Jacket) (updated on 23 April 2015)
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